Cultural Heritage

“Culture and artistic heritage must be managed well so that they are actually available to all, today and tomorrow and for all generations”. It is based on this notion that Banco BPM launched an important task of restoring, enhancing and divulging its artistic heritage. With a simple click you can now consult and see many of the most important works of art that make up the Group’s collections.

On the Internet you’ll find a flexible search engine that lets you access the details of the works by doing a free search or by selecting the artists, eras or genres. Each sheet has a colour picture and the essential data, like: artist, subject, technique, size and era, art movement, origin and documented exhibitions.

This new outlet is a significant aid in divulging the Group’s art heritage, which Banco BPM makes available to the largest possible audience, in the conviction of the social importance of sharing the nation’s historic and cultural legacy.


Visit the Cultural heritage website  (italian only)